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At Body Function we work with clients to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, function and performance. After undergoing initial fitness and functional assessments, a tailored programme is devised to deliver on both the clients fitness goals and functional needs. We optimise our expertise using traditional and modern training techniques, often incorporating Pilates to get the best results. We review your progress on a monthly basis to ensure you stay on track. 

Posture & Exercise for Health

Corrective exercise is also used to improve posture and getting clients to move efficiently, often reducing related pains by creating muscle balance and improving spinal alignment. We are also exercise referral for health management qualified, so have the expertise to work with clients with a range of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, pulmonary obstruction, high cholesterol and other common lifestyle related diseases. In many instances also improving disease symptoms.

Injury And Orthopaedic Conditions

For clients that come to us with an injury or have an orthopaedic condition, we work within the realms of corrective exercise and Pilates rehabilitation. We work with clients with conditions such as lower back pain, shoulder injury, knee pain, golfers elbow, arthritis, osteoporosis and other common orthopaedic conditions. In a lot of cases reducing pain and symptoms, in others ensuring that the client is safely training around the injury or affected area.

Performance Conditioning

Performance related training centres around developing specific skills demanded of the sport such movements patterns, endurance, strength, power and stability, both statically and dynamically. We help clients to reach their physical best, which in turn improves their performance. We also address any rehab needs, posture and functional issues that may be hindering performance. Whether you play for fun or are semi professional, Body Function can help you to improve your fitness and performance.

Training Options

Our online training services offers our most flexible training option. Just as with our one to one training sessions, you’ll have your own personal trainer and your training programmes tailored to your fitness and functional needs. We also offered our specialised Pilates for Lower Back Pain, Posture Fix and Shoulder Pain & Mobility programmes online. If you would prefer a face to face option, we work from  several fitness centres in Enfield and travel to clients in North London and Hertfordshire. We bring all the training equipment needed, so nothing is required of you. 

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